BioScentDX and the California Association of Professional Firefighters Partner to Bring Canine Scent Detection Cancer Screening Services to Over 17,000 California Firefighters

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death among firefighters. The multitude of toxins released during a fire and increased exposure times due to limited manpower are leading factors in the rise of cancer rates among firefighters. It’s expected that nearly 68% of firefighters will develop cancer in their lifetime. With survival rates above 90% for most cancers identified in phases 0 and 1, early detection is the key to combating the disease.

BioScentDX leverages specially trained dogs to identify cancer markers in people’s breath. Making these services available to CAPF Members will provide a line of defense against the increasing threat of cancer. BioScentDX’s services enable highly accurate, non-invasive and affordable screening to help root out cancer in its early stages.

“It’s been very fulfilling seeing the progression of our dogs’ abilities to detect a variety of cancers,” said Heather Junqueira, BioScentDX co-founder and lead researcher. “And what an honor to be able to make these life-saving services available to CAPF members that put their lives on the line for the citizens of California every day.”

“Cancer has become an increasing challenge amongst our ranks,” said Erick Mattson, CAPF President. “Being able to offer our members access to BioScentDX’s groundbreaking screening services will provide our members peace of mind and an early jump on combating cancer if it arises.”

CAPF members and their families can purchase screening kits at Participants will donate samples of their breath, which are sent to the BioScentDX laboratory for processing. Samples will be presented to dogs specially trained to detect leading cancers including breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, and melanoma. Participants can submit samples as often as they like and typically receive results within 30 days.

New LIFE SAVING benefit to our members and families. CAPF has partnered with BioScent DX, Inc. and negotiated special pricing of just $35 for cancer screening. Get screened: