$24.50 Non-Safety Group Plan

Monthly Cost $24.50 per month – payroll deduction
Eligibility for Enhanced Plan Must be an active, full-time Non-Safety member of a fire department or association under a Non-Safety Retirement system (CalPers, County Act 1937, or Municipal Plan).
Percentage of
Wages Protected*
66 2/3% of wages Non-Industrial Disability
66 2/3% of wages Industrial Disability80% of wages for Catastrophic Disabilities for up to 18 months – not to exceed maximum monthly benefit(No reductions for Workers’ Compensation Permanent Disability settlements)
Maximum Benefit Maximum Benefit of $10,000 per month, tax-free
Waiting Period 30 Calendar Days – Earlier reduced benefits may be payable based on lack of personal leave down to zero days. $750 per month Minimum Benefit after 60 days ($500 per month if Industrial caused), freeze of personal leave after 60 days. No benefits are payable if working full-time, light or modified duty.
Benefit Period Three Years (36 months): Sickness, Accident and Pregnancy
Freeze of Personal Leave Option After 60 calendar days
Personal Leave Integration Benefit After 60 days, you may use 50% sick leave and receive a 50% benefit from Plan or use 100% personal leave and receive $750 per month. ($500 per month if Industrial caused)
Cost of Living Benefit (COLA) 4% compounded per year (years 2-3)
Benefits Payable During Challenged Workers’ Compensation Cases After 60 calendar days – 66 2/3% of wages or Maximum Benefit of $10,000 per month (repayable only if settled in your favor).
Waiver of Payment Waiver of Payment after no-pay status
Minimum Monthly Benefit $750 per month – paid in addition to personal leave after 60 calendar days. ($500 for Disputed Workers’ Compensation claims)
Disability Pension Advance Plan may advance, interest free, actual retirement benefit not to exceed $10,000 per month.
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage If you enroll during your initial enrollment period, all pre-existing medical conditions will be covered once you have been in the Plan for twenty-four (24) / forty-eight (48)*** months, unless you are eligible for the Prior Coverage Credit – otherwise, pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered.
Survivorship Benefit Nine (9) months additional benefits to dependent beneficiary.
Death Benefit $15,000 Death Benefit** on- or off-duty – natural, accidental or terminal illness. (Benefits may be payable within 24 hours of notification)


* Maximum percentages reflect amount payable after completion of (a) waiting period, (b) freeze of sick leave option, or (c) sick leave integration. Offsetting Benefit/Income Amounts are applied to reduce amount from the Plan
** The Death Benefit for suicide is limited to $2,000 for the first 24 months of participation in the Plan.
*** Forty-eight months for Death Benefits and for HIV, AIDS, and ARC.

For illustration only. See the Summary Plan Description or the Plan Document provisions for a more complete description of coverage. CA Insurance Lic. #0544968.