CAPF Benefits

Long Term Disability "LTD"

The words LTD mean something very different in the LTD insurance world. With our competitors, It means benefits may be payable only to age 65.

When you have the CAPF Plan, it means so much more. If you are totally disabled, CAPF will pay you monthly benefits no matter how long you survive after becoming disabled.

Percentage of Wages Protected

CAPF pays the highest percentage of wages when one of our members becomes disabled.

CAPF pays up to 80% of wages, tax-free, including most all additional add-on incentives such as hazmat, technical rescue, holiday pay, uniform allowance, longevity, etc.

Our competitors only offer a 66 2/3% benefit.

Claim Services

CAPF has a streamlined claim service that provides a convenient 1-800 number to immediately assist members to answer questions and provide initial claim processing. Additionally, our claims office can process the $15,000 death benefit within 24 hours of of notification.

Plan Members

CAPF has the largest group of firefighters within California with over 17,000 members. 3 of every 4 professional firefighters have CAPF. CAPF has over 150 firefighter associations.

Actuarially Sound

CAPF is actuarially sound as presented to the California Department of Insurance on June 30, 2017 as required by AB 1072. CAPF has paid in excess of 4000 claims and more than $70 million in benefits to our members and their families since 1985.

Member Managed and Controlled

CAPF, unlike our competitors, is member managed and member controlled. Each Association with 50 or more members has an equal vote on the corporate Board of Directors. Our competitors are managed and controlled by profit motivated insurance companies. They have changed their corporate structure, benefits, and premium in order to remain operational. Their members have no say in how the insurance company manages or controls their costs and benefits.

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Making sure each member gets their benefits is our priority.  As many businesses are affected by the Coronavirus, the Plan Administrator’s office remains open. An essential business, our administrators continue to work hard to provide services to our members. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us via phone or email with … Continue reading “NEWS UPDATE – CAPF WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS”

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Traveling? Remember Enterprise Gives CAPF Participants Discounts

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